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  • Âge : 24
  • Sexualité : Bisexuel
  • Live & Voyeur show : 5 cd/min
  • Show Hot Privé : 30 cd/min


  • Je parle : Anglais
  • Description : Hi there ! As a professional belly-dancer oriental style, i know how to move... And somebody told me : "this webcamming is perfect for you !"...well let's check it out ! Requests welcome, I adore to perform !
  • En ligne : Night-time, when I'm free from a casual life
  • J'aime : My dance is my life...but also i am sure i can make you crazy with it... When i succeed to make you horny as hell, just by dancing, makes me horny as hell... Let's try it out...
  • Je n'aime pas : Rude and impolite people, guys, can you be more gentle please?
  • Je peux le faire : Strip Tease, Danse, Jeux de pieds


  • Apr 14, 2014Chico

    chico vous a donné un cadeau virtuel: Bouquet de fleurs

  • Apr 13, 2014Hog85

    hog85 vous a donné un cadeau virtuel: Rose rouge

  • Feb 25, 2014United1966

    United1966 a acheté Legging Lacé pour MataHari.

    • Feb 26, 2014Matahari

      I wish u to have3 great time during next 2 weeks and hope to see you soon) Let me know about u on my wall please!!! Kiss you !1! Miss you.

    • Mar 14, 2014Matahari

      Oki, B.!!!I wi;; be here))).

    • Mar 29, 2014Matahari

      Brian, sorry I couldn't yesterday came, cause I was very tired....Worked in the mornig and then went with my gf for a walk .....

    • Mar 22, 2014Matahari

      See you later next week.

    • Apr 12, 2014Matahari

      Brian,missing you too a lot. and wanna to have find a way to meet with u again!!1 Kiss you and miss you.

    • Mar 31, 2014United1966

      no problem my dear - will keep looking for you..:) kisses B.

    • Mar 7, 2014Matahari

      Brian, you are soo lovely/Thank you for your care. But don't worry.I am ok ...And I have got already leggings which u boiught for me.

    • Feb 25, 2014United1966

      Thank you K. for coming on Fridays for me :) cannot be there next two Fridays.. Hope to see you soon , kisses B.

    • Apr 4, 2014United1966

      omg - did I miss you - so sorry..hope your date was good.

    • Feb 26, 2014Matahari

      Oh, Brian!!! YOu are as always soo lovely) I come to u casue I like you! THank you for you present.....

    • Mar 19, 2014United1966

      Hi K - thx for nice company last Friday - sorry - cant be online this Firday. Next Friday 100 % - take care - miss your chat.

    • Mar 12, 2014United1966

      Dear K- I am back - will look for you Friday night (if OK for you ?) - missed you - Kisses.

    • Apr 1, 2014Matahari

      kiss you , my dear!!!! Miss you.

    • Apr 11, 2014Matahari

      =Dear B, I cant come tonight working. cause there will no be a free computer for me((Another girls will be working at their places(((:).

    • Apr 6, 2014United1966

      so sorry baby - I was late :( and so happy to know you - will look for you again... always yours: kisses B.

    • Apr 5, 2014Matahari

      oh brian , date was not good( and yeah.. I was waiting for you about 30 minutes and then went sleeping..cause was very tired).

    • Apr 4, 2014Matahari

      Brian , dear!!1 I am here will be in 20 minutes.

    • Mar 7, 2014Matahari

      I like them soooooooooo much. Thank you ..Kisses.

    • Mar 13, 2014Matahari

      Dar Brian , welcome back. I was missing u1!!!! Tell me please what is the earliest time u can visit me on Friday?

    • Mar 3, 2014United1966

      Dear K- take care . worried ab you.. kisses.

    • Apr 4, 2014Matahari

      Brian!!! I am not sure yet if I will be there this night...l.50-50)( Cause I am going to the date with a new guy today].

    • Mar 29, 2014Matahari

      Came back late and was very tired.( hope to see u next Friday.

    • Apr 4, 2014Matahari

      wait me please.

    • Apr 11, 2014United1966

      dear K - thank you - will have to find a way to see you :) miss you very much,.

    • Apr 4, 2014Matahari

      doing make up hihihi.

    • Mar 22, 2014Matahari

      Ok, Brian!!!! I miss you too!!!

    • Apr 4, 2014Matahari

      But I hope I will be back till 22 of your time! Kiss you.

    • Mar 13, 2014United1966

      I will look for you at 11.00 your time - kisses.

  • Mar 1, 2014Angelolol

    angelolol vous a donné un cadeau virtuel: Sextoy

    • Apr 8, 2014Auke

      did u hear something dear i am to busy to visit sorry for it i will try to come in a few days but i dont know when.

    • Mar 7, 2014Matahari


  • Apr 2, 2014Ludo1981

    té bonne et sex.

  • Mar 4, 2014Gaysyssi

    gaysyssi vous a donné un cadeau virtuel: Préservatif

    • Mar 4, 2014Martijn35

      on wich time youre online beauty.

    • Mar 5, 2014Matahari

      Martijn, I work in the morning usually from 8 till 14 of your time. But on Saturday I will be here all day long//Kiss.

    • Mar 4, 2014Auke

      do u know something dear.

  • Feb 28, 2014Auke

    Auke a acheté Pack Secrets de filles pour MataHari.

    • Feb 28, 2014Matahari

      Thank you, Auke again , u will be first who will see it.



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